Microtome & Trimming Blades

At Hurst Scientific, we supply high performance scientific equipment and laboratory products throughout Australia. Our products include microtome blades and essential instruments used in anatomical pathology and other scientific disciplines.

High Quality Microtome Blades

Microtome blades are designed to cut tissue specimens into thin sections, so they are suitable for observation under a microscope. Microtome blades can be used for a range of histology and pathology applications such as skin biopsies through to more fibrous tissues.

Hurst Scientific distributes a range of high quality microtome blades that allow for easy ribboning and a high standard of precision and consistency. We understand that meticulous and uniform sectioning is essential for proper staining and an accurate patient diagnosis.

We have Histo Cutter Plasma LS35, low profile and HS35, high profile suitable for routine microtomy operations and Histo Cutter LH35 microtome blades that are designed to cut extra thin sections, as well as hard tissue. Browse our online catalogue to see the full range of available microtome blades.

Microtome Blades & Anatomical Pathology Products

At Hurst Scientific the supply and distribution of high quality laboratory equipment, supplies and consumables is our speciality. Our products are designed to enhance productive workflows and improve diagnostic clarity.

We supply microtome blades, dissecting blades and instruments, biopsy bags, jars and pads, cryostat blades and a comprehensive range of other anatomical pathology products to suit your scientific application.

If you have any questions about our selection of microtome blades or other histology instruments, please contact us at Hurst Scientific. You can count on our scientific expertise and commitment to superior client service. If there are any specific products you can’t find on our website, we may be able to assist you with a special order.

Hurst Scientific has distribution facilities all over Australia, which means we can usually deliver our most popular products in only a few days and at competitive prices.