Biopsy Jars with Formalin

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Biopsy Jars

At Hurst Scientific, we supply the medical and scientific community with high quality laboratory equipment and consumables used in pathology and other scientific disciplines.

Our products include biopsy jars and other instruments required in anatomical pathology.

Biopsy jars with formalin are used to safely handle biopsy and tissue samples. They are designed to be leak-resistant to ensure the safe transportation of samples to the laboratory.

Our range of biopsy jars include 750ml jars that are prefilled with 375 millilitres of neutral buffered formalin to preserve tissues. They are durable and made to withstand cracking and splitting. They are also translucent to allow for easy viewing of the specimen.

Our biopsy jars have air-tight screw caps to eliminate the risk of leakage and are grooved for easier handling.

At Hurst Scientific, our biopsy jars with formalin are available in cartons of 18 items and are manufactured in Australia by Hurstchem.

Hurst Scientific dispenses a range of products used for anatomical pathology including biopsy jars with formalin, biopsy pads, biopsy bags, dissecting blades and instruments. View our range of biopsy jars and other equipment online to see our selection of available products.

Biopsy Jars and Anatomical Pathology Supplies

At Hurst Scientific, we understand the importance of submitting a high-quality biopsy sample to ensure successful and precise pathological evaluation. We stock biopsy jars with formalin and other products used in pathology that promote efficient analysis and accurate results.

We also stock a variety of laboratory equipment and consumables across disciplines including microbiology and chemistry, and general lab supplies like beakers, Bunsen burners, burettes, pipettes, syringes, flasks, filters, funnels, and much more.

Contact the team at Hurst Scientific if you have any questions about biopsy jars with formalin. If you require any items at short notice, let us know and we can assist you. Our most popular products are generally available to be shipped within a few days.