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Hurst Scientific are suppliers of high grade laboratory equipment suitable for use in surgery and a range of other scientific disciplines. Our products include scalpels and surgical instruments routinely used in clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

Scalpels are commonly used by surgeons to incise skin and soft tissues. Scalpels come in different shapes and sizes, and are designed for different purposes depending on the delicacy of the surgical procedure being performed.

Large incisions such as those made during a laparotomy require larger scalpels such as a No.22 blade. For more intricate incisions like the excision of a skin lesion, finer scalpels like a No.10 blade will be used. Stab incisions are usually made with scalpels using a No.11 or No. 15 blade.

Disposable blades are a popular choice in clinics because they do not require sharpening. Attached blades are preferred in situations when the blade is being used to perform incisions in heavy connective tissue.

Hurst Scientific distributes dissecting scalpels, preparation scalpels and solid scalpels, as well as handles for scalpels in a range of sizes. Browse our online catalogue to see our list of available scalpels and handles.

Scalpels and Surgical Instruments

At Hurst Scientific, we understand our clients are seeking essential equipment for use in surgeries and procedures that promote sterile, productive work environments. That’s why we supply a range of sterile, reliable surgical instruments such as scalpels, scissors, forceps, dissecting instruments and products suitable for use in many scientific disciplines.

If you would like to find out more about our different sizes and shapes of scalpels, or if you can’t find the scalpels or scalpel handles you need, call us at Hurst Scientific. Our team has expert knowledge on scientific equipment and will be able to assist you with any enquiries.

We have distribution facilities in many locations across Australia, meaning we can deliver our popular items within only a few days.