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Transport Swabs

Hurst Scientific are leading distributors of a range of scientific equipment and microbiology products including transport swabs. We have transport swabs, test strips, petri dishes, specimen collection products and other microbiology products suitable for use in pathology.

Our transport swabs are designed to store the swab safely and securely inside the tube, providing a sterile environment for bacteriological, fungal and viral samples. So you can rest assured the sample will arrive at the laboratory free from contamination. These transport swabs make sample collection an efficient and easy process.

If you are looking for reliable transport media, you can purchase a carton of transport swabs from Hurst Scientific. Our transport swabs are available in boxes of 250 items. There are four boxes per carton.

Transport Swabs & More Microbiology Products

For a vast selection of lab supplies, consumables and equipment at the most affordable prices, you can’t go past Hurst Scientific. We are an ISO 9001:2015 quality assured supplier of transport swabs, microbiology products and other equipment across most scientific disciplines in Australia.

Our range of microbiology products includes transport swabs, cell spreaders, contact plates, counting chambers, evaporating dishes, inoculation loops, membrane filters, multiwell plates, petri dishes, test strips, test tubes and more. We also sell hospital equipment, scientific instrumentation, laboratory equipment and some chemicals.

For the full list of available items, browse our online product catalogue. If you can’t find what you’re after, let us know and we can arrange a special order. Our warehouses and distribution facilities are located in most states of Australia, with our most popular items available for delivery within a few days.

At Hurst Scientific, our team of experienced staff are available to answer your questions about our products, technologies and innovations.

Learn more about our transport swabs and other microbiology products by contacting the team at Hurst Scientific today.