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Embedding Storage Cabinet

Hurst Scientific is an Australian-owned business with a reputation for distributing quality scientific equipment, lab supplies and surgical instruments.

We stock products used in histopathology practices including an embedding storage cabinet, as well as embedding cassettes, embedding compound, microtomes and more.

An embedding storage cabinet is an essential piece of equipment used in pathology, histology and research laboratories. Designed for the reliable and practical storage of embedding rings and tissue cassettes, an embedding storage cabinet can also be used to contain tissue specimens during embedding processes.

At Hurst Scientific, you can purchase an embedding storage cabinet that meets your requirements. We have an embedding storage cabinet made by Tissue Tek, a respected manufacturer of lab supplies. This embedding storage cabinet is stable and stackable with several trays for convenient and appropriate storage. The drawers are able to be easily labelled for identification purposes and are designed to fit a large number of embedding cassettes or embedding rings, keeping them safe and dust-free.

Contact us for assistance if you have any questions about purchasing an embedding storage cabinet from Hurst Scientific. We can assist with high quality product solutions to manage and hold biopsy specimens and biopsy cassettes. We can advise on the right cabinet for your site, space and needs.

High Quality Embedding Storage Cabinet Online

Hurst Scientific supports our clients in the delivery of accurate diagnostic evaluation and efficient work spaces. We supply essential laboratory equipment and consumables used in pathology, histology and a range of other scientific disciplines.

Our selection of laboratory equipment and consumables includes embedding compound, embedding moulds, tissue cassettes, cryostat and trimming blades and an embedding storage cabinet for use in laboratories.

View our extensive catalogue online for more information about our available anatomical pathology and histopathology products, storage cabinet solutions and other lab supplies.

If you are looking for an embedding storage cabinet or if you need any scientific equipment at short notice, contact Hurst Scientific’s head office. We have distribution centres across Australia, meaning we can usually ship essential products within a few days.