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Hurst Scientific supplies essential surgical and scientific equipment across Australia. Our general laboratory supplies include crucibles and other apparatus, consumables and chemicals used in a variety of scientific disciplines.

Crucibles are cup-shaped vessels that are commonly used in industries and laboratories to melt, heat and burn chemical compounds.

Our range of crucibles are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and sudden temperature changes. They are made from high quality porcelain to minimise the risk of reactions occurring between the walls of the crucible and the melted substance inside, and have enhanced acid and chemical resistance.

The size of the crucible you need will depend on the type of experimentation you will be performing. We stock porcelain crucibles with lids in a range of sizes including tall form, low form and medium wall. Our tall form crucibles are available to purchase as a singular item, or in bulk as six crucibles in a box or 32 crucibles in a carton.

Visit our website for a list of our available crucibles or contact us for more information about which crucibles will best suit your scientific application.

Crucibles and Other Laboratory Supplies

Hurst Scientific is an Australian-owned, family business who understands that our clients are seeking reliable scientific and hospital equipment that supports effective work systems and accurate results.

We supply crucibles and other general laboratory supplies including beakers, Bunsen burners, draining racks, measuring cylinders, mortar and pestles, pipettes, weighing trays, syringes, and much more.

If you are unable to locate the scientific instrumentation and other supplies you need on our website, or if you would like to know more about our selection of crucibles, contact us and we can guide you through the varying options.

Hurst Scientific has distribution facilities in many locations across Australia, meaning we can usually send our most in demand products to your business within a couple of days.