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Embedding Moulds

Hurst Scientific is an Australian, family-owned business distributing lab equipment and consumables to healthcare and scientific professionals.

It is our goal to supply high quality laboratory equipment used in scientific disciplines like histopathology, including embedding moulds, embedding cassettes and trimming blades.

Embedding moulds are a necessary part of the tissue embedding process because they provide support to tissue samples, allowing them to be sectioned more easily and accurately.

Leading Specimen Embedding Moulds

Once the tissue samples have been properly prepared, they are placed into embedding moulds. An embedding wax can then be poured over the samples, giving them extra support that allows them to be cut into thin slices. Once the tissue has been sectioned, the technician can examine it under a microscope.

Hurst Scientific sells embedding moulds in varying sizes to suit your scientific purpose. We have high quality stainless steel embedding moulds, as well as disposal, plastic embedding moulds.

Our embedding moulds are manufactured by brands like Tissue Tek, Hurst, Bio Optica, and Medite. Our high quality stainless steel options are among the most popular and deliver many benefits including specimen security. If you cannot find the size, type or shape of embedding moulds you require in our store, contact Hurst Scientific for assistance, or use our online enquiry form.

Embedding Moulds and Histology Supplies

If you have been looking for embedding moulds or any other laboratory equipment, peruse our Hurst Scientific store online to view our extensive range of consumables and supplies.

We stock products used in histology like embedding compound, embedding cassettes, embedding moulds, embedding wax, cryostat blades, microtome and trimming blades and more.

Quality Equipment, Service and Distribution

We stock only the highest quality mould products and other histology equipment manufactured by leading suppliers and designed for accurate and easy handling of specimens, and to enable staff to work correctly. Our customers find that our product prices are competitive.

Technicians, medical professionals and scientists requiring essential supplies like embedding moulds at short notice will be pleased to hear we have distribution centres across Australia. This means we can ship our most popular pathology products to customers within a few days.

If you have any questions about our embedding moulds or other lab equipment and their benefits, the Hurst Scientific customer service team is available to help you.