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Hurst Scientific is an Australian manufacturer of laboratory stains and solutions. Our products include a variety of stains and other essential instruments used in manual or automated staining processes.

Microscopy stains are used to enhance the visualisation of cells under a microscope, allowing for the classification of cells according to their morphology. Stains can also be used to highlight metabolic processes within cells and to determine whether cells are living or dead.

Hurst Scientific has stains in basic dyes including methylene blue, malachite green, crystal violet and safranin, which allow cells to be easily seen. Methylene blue is commonly used to visualise samples of DNA. We also have Eosin stains, which are used in histology to colour red blood cells, and Bismarck brown for staining tissues yellow.

To view our comprehensive list of available stains, visit our website or contact Hurst Scientific for more information.

Microscopy Stains and Solutions

Hurst Scientific distributes laboratory equipment and supplies with the intention of supporting productive workflows and ensuring diagnostic clarity. We understand the importance of efficient and accurate scientific procedures, which is why you can rely on our range of instruments and consumables.

We supply microscopy stains and solutions and other slide staining products including staining racks for storing microscope slides and staining jars.

If you are looking for a specific product but can’t find it on our website, or if you have any questions about our range of stains and solutions, contact the team at Hurst Scientific. We pride ourselves on our scientific knowledge and superior customer service and will be happy to assist you with a special order if you can’t find the right stains or other products you are looking for.

Hurst Scientific has warehouses all over Australia, which means we can usually ship our most popular products to your address within a few days.