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Formalin Neutralisers

At Hurst Scientific we stock formalin neutralising products and other safety equipment, so you will always have the items you need at hand. Our cost-effective formalin disposal products are designed to make your life easier and safer.

Formalin neutraliser safely neutralises formalin waste into a non-toxic form that is environmentally safe for disposal down the drain. Our Neutralex pouches neutralise formalin waste with no solids that clog the sink and with no need for pH adjustment. They come in cartons of 16 packs and will ensure you can dispose of formalin waste without needing to go off-site.

We also sell Neutra-Form Spill Control Agent in cartons of two 1.4kg containers. One bottle will quickly absorb a large spill of 10% formalin or 2% glutaraldehyde.

Additionally, at Hurst Scientific, we stock Neutra-Pads in packs of 100 or packs of 15, plus Neutra-Wipes in packs of 60 and a Neutralex Starter Kit that includes 4 pouches of Neutralex, Neutra-Pads, Neutra-Wipes, one reaction container, one aldehyde test kit and one container of Neutra-Form.

Formalin Neutralisers & Other Safety Equipment

Hurst Scientific is a leading supplier of lab supplies, consumables and equipment at competitive prices. We supply formalin neutralisers and other scientific equipment in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our range of safety products includes formalin neutralisers, first aid kits, safety glasses, safety storage cans, handrubs, scalpels, sharps containers, spill kits and wash bottles.

Browse our website to view our full range of scientific instrumentation, laboratory and hospital equipment. If you have any difficulty locating the products you are after, contact us and we may be able to organise a special order.

High quality customer service is our priority, which is why our team of staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to answer your technical questions about our products, innovations and technologies.

For more information about formalin neutralisers and other safety products, contact us today.