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Hurst Scientific are leading dispensers of laboratory equipment suitable for use in chemistry, surgery and various scientific disciplines. Our products include burettes and other apparatus used for volumetric analysis.

Burettes are graduated glass tubes designed to accurately dispense liquids. They are routinely used for performing titrations in chemistry to determine the concentration of an unknown acid or base.

At the bottom of the burette is the tip from which the liquid flows out. Above the tip is the stopcock, which can be used to control the flow of the liquid. The barrel of the burette is marked with graduations.

Before using burettes, they should be carefully cleaned and rinsed, first with ionised water and then solution. To fill the burette, pour the liquid from the flask into the top of the barrel, or insert a small funnel into the top of the barrel. Burettes can be secured in an upright position using a burette clamp.

Once the burette has been secured and filled with the liquid, the volume can be determined by reading the meniscus.

Hurst Scientific distributes burettes, burette brushes and burette holders. View our range of burettes and other apparatus in our online catalogue to see our list of available products.

Burettes and Essential Lab Supplies

At Hurst Scientific, we understand our clients are looking for burettes and other essential equipment for use in laboratory procedures that will lead to accurate measuring, calculations and results. That’s why we supply a range of reliable, high quality instruments including burettes, pipettes, flasks, funnels and other apparatus used in volumetric analysis.

If you have any questions about burettes or our other products, contact the team at Hurst Scientific. Our broad scientific knowledge means we will be able to help you with your enquiries.

With distribution facilities throughout Australia, our team can typically deliver our most popular products within a few days.