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Petri Dishes

Hurst Scientific is responsible for the supply of reliable, high quality laboratory products and scientific instruments in Australia. Our products include Petri dishes and other equipment routinely used in microbiology laboratories and other scientific disciplines.

Petri dishes are used every day by scientists for culturing bacteria and other microorganisms such as yeast and mould. They allow for the study and identification of certain colonial characteristics through the separation of single bacterial cells and can be used to test the virulence of particular bacteria.

Petri dishes are shallow dishes made from materials such as glass or plastic. They are cylindrical in shape with a clear lid. They have a larger surface than test tubes, allowing for simpler observation of growth and changes and giving scientists the ability to check for the presence of single qualities and the absence of contamination.

Hurst Scientific distributes cartons of sterile, ready-to-use, disposable Petri dishes made from polystyrene for easy use. They are packed in sealed bags of 10 pieces and are suitable for use in microbiological testing and experiments across many industries.

Petri Dishes and Microbiology Equipment

At Hurst Scientific, we supply essential laboratory equipment and consumables with the goal of supporting diagnostic clarity and productive, efficient work spaces.

We distribute boxes of sterile Petri dishes and other equipment used in microbiology laboratories, including contact plates, inoculation loops, test strips, test tubes, transport swabs and more.

On our website you will find products designed to suit a variety of scientific disciplines. If you have any questions about Petri dishes, or if you are unable to locate the equipment you are looking for, contact us at Hurst Scientific. Our expert knowledge of scientific apparatus means we can help you find the products you need.

We have several distribution facilities in locations across Australia, meaning we can usually deliver our most popular products within a few days.