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Hurst Scientific are suppliers of essential hospital and scientific equipment in Australia. We stock a range of surgical instruments including forceps, as well as chemicals and consumables suitable for an array of scientific applications.

Forceps are tools used in laboratories and other industries for grasping small, fragile objects, such as tissue. They are primarily used for retracting, grasping or stabilising tissue for examination purposes. They can also be utilised to pass items such as ligatures, and during suturing exercises to manipulate needles.

Forceps are available in different categories, including those with teeth and those without, designed to suit different scientific purposes and depending on the amount and type of tissue being examined.

At Hurst Scientific, we sell a selection of stainless steel forceps made by Met-App Australia. We have entomological forceps, thumb forceps, microscopic forceps, goose neck forceps, needle point forceps and more.

For a list of our available surgical forceps, please browse our website. If you are unable to find the right type of forceps you require or if you have any questions about our other scientific and surgical instruments, please contact us.

Forceps and Other Surgical Instruments

Hurst Scientific is an Australian, family-owned business who understands our customers are looking for reliable, high quality surgical instruments and general laboratory equipment that promotes effective workflows and fast, accurate results.

We stock products including forceps, scalpels, dissecting instruments and scissors, and a huge range of other scientific equipment.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, or if you would like more information about our selection of available forceps, contact us and one of our expert team members will be happy to have a chat about our products.

We have distribution facilities and warehouses in several locations throughout Australia, which means we can post most orders to your business within only a few days.