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Embedding Compound

Hurst Scientific is an Australian business known for the distribution of high quality lab supplies, scientific equipment and surgical instruments.

Our products include embedding compound, embedding cassettes, microtomes and other equipment routinely used in histopathology.

Embedding compound is an essential part of tissue embedding, a process where technicians cut tissue into very small pieces for examination. The tissue is placed into an embedding cassette, which is submerged in the embedding compound. The embedding compound allows for the samples of tissue to be positioned more easily for sectioning.

Types of embedding compound can include paraffin, epoxies, plastics and gel.

Once the embedding compound has set, the tissue can be removed. This allows the technician to make accurate cuts without causing any damage to the tissue sample. Once the tissue has been sliced, it can be examined under a microscope and analysed.

Hurst Scientific sells bottles of embedding compound, which are available as single bottles or in cartons of 12 bottles. Our embedding compound is manufactured by brands including Scigen and Tissue Tek. We have OCT (optimal cutting temperature) embedding compound, which is soluble in water and suitable for cryosectioning.

If you cannot find the type of embedding compound you require, contact us for assistance.

Embedding Compound and Histopathology Products

Hurst Scientific supports accurate diagnostic evaluation and efficient work spaces through the supply of essential laboratory equipment and consumables.

This includes products used in histopathology like embedding compound, embedding cassettes, embedding moulds, embedding wax, cryostat blades, microtome and trimming blades and more.

Peruse our website and you will see we have an extensive catalogue of lab supplies for use across many scientific disciplines.

If you need embedding compound or other histopathology products at short notice, contact our head office. Hurst Scientific has distribution centres across Australia, which means we can often ship our more popular products within a few days.