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Hurst Scientific is a family owned company specialising in the distribution of a variety of essential scientific equipment, accessories, liquids and instruments. We supply products for use in microbiology and chemistry laboratories, such as beakers and other common apparatus required for experimentation.

Beakers are routinely used in laboratories to stir, mix and heat liquids, chemicals and solutions for the purposes of testing. Beakers are cylindrical in shape with a flat bottom and a small spout for pouring.

At Hurst Scientific, we stock beakers with clear, printed graduations for more precise scientific measurements. Choose from a range of beakers to suit your application, including polypropylene beakers and glass beakers designed to withstand varying temperatures.

We sell beakers made by trusted brands like Kartell, an Italian manufacturer known for its durable, high quality labware.

Our beakers are available in a variety of capacities from 50 millilitres through to 5 litres, depending on your requirements.

To find a list of our available beakers, peruse our website. If you can’t find beakers in the size you are searching for, contact the team at Hurst Scientific and we will assist you.

Beakers and Other Routine Laboratory Supplies

At Hurst Scientific, we know our customers are looking for quality laboratory equipment and consumables that contribute to simple, safe and efficient work environments.

We supply beakers and other instruments including beaker and burette holders, bunsen burners, draining racks, flasks, funnels, measuring cylinders and scoops, stirring rods, spatulas, spoons and more.

Contact us if you have any difficulty finding the products you are looking for on our website or if you have any questions about our beakers and other scientific equipment.

We understand our customers need their laboratory supplies quickly. That’s why we have warehouses and distribution facilities across Australia, so we can usually send our most popular items to your business within a few days.