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Embedding Wax

Hurst Scientific is a family-owned business distributing lab equipment and consumables in Australia.

Our mission is to supply high quality laboratory supplies and embedding medium used in scientific disciplines like histopathology, including embedding wax, embedding moulds and embedding cassettes.

Embedding wax is an important part of the tissue embedding process because it gives support to fine structures of tissue samples and biopsy specimens and allows them to be sectioned with ease and accuracy.

As part of the embedding process, wax is poured over tissue samples that have been properly prepared and placed into embedding moulds. The wax provides extra support for the embedding process, allowing the samples to be cut into thin slices. The technician is then able to examine and assess them under a microscope.

Hurst Scientific sells prime tissue embedding wax manufactured by UK brand Hista-Flex, available in a carton of four 2kg bags, or a pallet consisting of 60 cartons.

Embedding Wax and Histology Supplies

Healthcare professionals, technicians and scientists seeking embedding wax and other laboratory equipment can view Hurst Scientific’s extensive range of consumables and supplies online.

We stock embedding medium and other items used in routine histology work like embedding wax, embedding compound, embedding moulds, cryostat blades, trimming blades and embedding storage cabinets.

If you cannot find the embedding medium you require in our online store, contact Hurst Scientific or complete our simple online enquiry form.

Quality Supplies, Reliable Service and Distribution

We distribute only the highest quality embedding medium and other histology equipment from leading suppliers. Our products allow for the safe and easy handling of specimens, which enables accurate analysis and results.

Scientific professionals needing embedding medium and other essential supplies at short notice will be pleased to learn Hurst Scientific has distribution centres in many locations across Australia. This means we can usually ship our bestselling histology and other pathology products within a few days.

If you have questions about embedding wax and its benefits, the Hurst Scientific customer service team is ready to assist you.