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Transfer Pipettes

Hurst Scientific distributes high quality laboratory products and scientific equipment throughout Australia. Our products include transfer pipettes and other general laboratory equipment used in microbiology and other scientific disciplines.

Transfer pipettes are essential laboratory equipment used to transfer small volumes of liquid. They are designed with a long, thin tube and a moulded bulb. They take in liquid when dipped into a solution and the bulb is squeezed. The liquid can then be transferred to a desired location and dispensed by slowly compressing the bulb.

Transfer pipettes are used as a method of precisely and accurately transferring one specific volume. Each pipette can only transfer one volume, so different transfer pipettes must be used for different volumes. There are numbers on the transfer pipettes to indicate the volume that can be transferred.

Hurst Scientific distributes boxes of transfer pipettes in individual sterilised packages in a variety of volumes for microbiological work. We understand the importance of high quality, reliable scientific equipment that allows for accurate measuring, which is why you can rely on our transfer pipettes and other products.

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Transfer Pipettes and General Lab Supplies

At Hurst Scientific, we specialise in the supply of essential laboratory equipment and consumables for the purpose of efficient, productive workflows and diagnostic clarity.

We distribute boxes of sterile transfer pipettes and other general laboratory supplies including pipette racks, pipette stands, pipette trays and more. On our website you will find equipment designed to suit a range of scientific disciplines.

If you have any questions about our transfer pipettes or other products, or if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact the team at Hurst Scientific. We pride ourselves on quality client service and technical expertise when it comes to scientific equipment.

With distribution facilities across Australia, we have the ability to deliver our best selling products within a few days, at the most affordable prices.